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Entry #1

Becoming active here, finally.

2011-07-19 12:48:13 by teckworks

I think I'm gonna start posting my MIDI works here as well as YouTube. I know there's probably a few pieces here on NG that are mine and are just altered slightly, just like on YT. Not much I can do about that, sadly. All I can do now is pump out new stuff, and hope others enjoy listening to it. :>


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2011-08-13 23:09:59

Hey man, gotta say that I think your MIDI sequencing arrangements are cool and well done! there's two Sega Genesis games with very awesomely underrated soundtracks that I'd like to suggest you try taking a look at! It would be sick if you did remixes on Target Earth, but primarily a game called Jewel Master. Check them out, you might find some stuff you'd wanna arrange!